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Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy

Harlem's Historic Park

It Takes Many Hands...

OUR VISION is to give the Park an even more vital role in enhancing the quality of life for those who visit the Park. Especially those who have the few options and choices for sports, recreation and communion with Nature.

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The history of the Jackie Robinson Park, originally called Colonial Park. Began in 1894 when the City of New York began to take over the land, now bounded by 145th and 155th Streets and Edgecombe and Bradhurst Avenues. It was opened as a playground in 1911, just before the Great Migration changed the complexion of Harlem. The Eastern border of the Park’s steep, rocky cliffs is the area celebrated in the Duke Ellington song “Take the A Train (Up to Sugar Hill in Harlem).”

Since its opening, the Park has served as a vital green space in Harlem. Providing rest and recreation to generation after generation. In the 1930s, basketball courts, a wading pool and an additional playground  were added. In 1936, the pool, designed by Robert Moses, was completed.


The 1960s and ‘70s were turbulent and challenging times in Harlem, and during these years the Park was basically a repository for drugs and chaos.


The Park was renamed in 1978 for the first African American major league baseball player.


The Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy was founded in 1999. The purpose of the Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy is to link neighborhood institutions and businesses, community residents, and volunteers to the park in order to facilitate its events, maintenance and management. We are a part of the Historic Harlem Parks coalition — a coalition of volunteer advocacy groups representing Marcus Garvey, Morningside, St.

Nicholas and Jackie  Robinson Parks that organize community volunteers to get involved in park capital and beautification projects. The Park received a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development that partially funded a gardener. Under the gardener’s supervision, thousands of bulbs have been planted,  creating a splendor of spring and summer flowers throughout the park. We actively participate in fundraising ventures in order to donate funds for various projects and purposes to the park.

Support The Conservancy

The Conservancy's success depends on members who fill a number of critical roles, from maintaining landscapes to leading visitors on tours. There are so many benefits and ways to lend a hand. Join our team and find an excuse to spend more time in the Park!



Our elders are right when they taught us that "it takes many hands" to get things done.  Over the years we've had hundreds of people of all ages and ethnicities give their time and hearts to maintaining this place.



Every year, we work to maintain  Jackie Robinson Park as a green resource, a safe and beautiful environment for educational, cultural, and recreational pursuits. You’re a part of all of this, and with your donation, you make a difference.



The FOJRPC (Friends of Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy) gives everyone the opportunity to support our mission and fulfil the vision.  We invite you to join our official friends group today.

Get Involved

Gifts to the Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy can be made in a variety of forms, including cash and your time. All gifts and bequests are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Checks and other instruments should be made payable to the Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy.

The Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy collects donations through its website to support our mission. If you believe that an error has been made in connection with your online donation, contact us at


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Jackie Robinson Park Conservancy

PO BOX 352  New York, NY 10039


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